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You can fulfill any music or entertainment need here at EZ Event Entertainment. This company's roster is made up of several of the Southwest's most popular musical acts. With the variety of acts that we offer, we can make your event EZ for you!!!. If you want country, we have CLUB COUNTRY. Do you need disco? We have disco... We have THE POLYESTERS... Do you want your event to bump and pump like a dance club? We have PLATINUM HI-FI... Would you like one act that can do ALL of the above? That would be NINEBALL. If you can think of a theme, we can provide the appropriate music. Just hit the "bands" tab above and scroll through all of the possibilities...

What our clients are saying...

"We've had many talented bands at our events over the last 5 years but none of them where able to capture the attention of the audience and energy of the event like PLATINUM HI-FI did for our 2017 prom. The musical tastes of 1,200 high school students are fickle at best and PLATINUM HI-FI had them dancing from beginning to end. In an era of digital loops and laptops, students were actually sad when the set was over and it was time for a DJ...Something I haven't seen in my 5 years planning these events."
Pete Burr - Student Council Advisor - BROPHY COLLEGE PREPARATORY


“My wedding reception would not have been the unadulterated party that it was without NINEBALL. The dance floor was full from the first note until the curtain came down on the night. Marty, Natalie, Jon, Ethan and Ryan can play everything and do so with an enthusiasm that infects the entire room. I can’t count how many times I heard from friends and family in the days after the words, ”That band was so much fun.” I also had the pleasure of seeing the band in a club. The excitement is exactly the same. Not only is each person in the band a great player and performer, but they are also good, genuine people. Marty could not have been easier to work with or more accommodating. After my wife, choosing NINEBALL was the best decision I made for my wedding.”

Shannon and Charlie CremeBride and Groom -


"Whenever we need that go-to band for an event or a specific organization that is here in Phoenix for a convention, we call Marty at EZ Event and we know the music side of things will be a home run!!!"

Chad Reyna - General Manager - COPPER BLUES LIVE
(480) 544-6684 


"Our events are very diverse in theme and size ranging from private dinner parties to huge Holiday Galas for thousands of guests. We have hired NINEBALL, PLATINUM HI-FI, THE POLYESTERS as well as CLUB COUNTRY for multiple events through out the years, and they have delivered the goods every time... They are one of the most dynamic and accommodating group of performers I have worked with in my business."

Raven Valdes  - CEO & Founder - RAVEN EVENTS, LLC


"After NINEBALL did the first event for The City of Glendale, I asked Marty what other bands with which he was involved. After he rattled off five or six more names, I knew that booking quality, professional groups to perform for the city was going to be a lot easier...THE POLYESTERS are my favorite...lol..." 

Heidi McCarthy Event Coordinator - THE CITY OF GLENDALE

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